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Welcome to the ODK Mentoring Center

Many times collegiate and alumni ODK members have asked how they can reach out to other members to mentor or be mentored. The ODK Mentoring Center is an easy to use platform to establish mentor/mentee relationships that foster personal and professional growth and development.

Serving as a mentor or becoming a mentee can help you direct your future, expand your professional network, gain knowledge and perspective on the workplace, deliver tremendous personal satisfaction, and connect with ODK members to strengthen our association.

You can begin your journey as a mentor or mentee in three easy steps.

Step 1 – Register and validate your account, or if you are returning simply log in. You can use the same log in to access the ODK Mentoring Center as a Mentor or Mentee.

Step 2 – Create your profile. Be as detailed as you can in the space provided. You want ODK members seeking experience like yours to easily search your profile.

Step 3 – Search through Mentor or Mentee profiles. When you have found someone you believe could serve as a mentor or mentee, contact them using their contact information.

Start getting to know each other. At this point, the relationship is completely up to the mentor and mentee. If you have questions about how to start or what kinds of mentors or mentees to seek, use the Mentoring Center Resource Section. We have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Mentors and Mentees and Tips for Mentees.

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Create a new profile and become a mentor or mentee!
Register once and use the same log in credentials to create and access mentor or mentee accounts.

Returning Users:

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